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Animals have brought me joy since I was young.

I had plenty of plush toy animals as a child, and I always dreamed of coming home from school to a puppy bouncing into my lap.

When I got my first camera, my dog, Bosley, was the patient subject who helped me learn and polish my skills. When he passed at 14 years of age, the joy his photos brought to me is something that will make me smile for a lifetime.

I love bright, cheerful colors that capture the happiness of your pet.

I specialize in vibrant photography of pets for their people. Our pets have colorful personalities, and my goal is to showcase their joy, happiness and zest for life in the art of photography.

I photograph pets because the happiness they bring their people deserves to live on forever.

The influence that our beloved pets can make in our lives is sometimes undervalued. They teach us responsibility, how to live and how to love. They are there for us through it all and they pick us up when we are down. I photograph your pets for you because you deserve to have something that reminds you the joy and happiness your pet brings you, and the spot they stole in your heart.

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